27th North Carolina    Company D

          "Tuckahoe Braves"



Co. D, 27th NC Troops (re-activated), is a family oriented

reenactment group, consisting of members from central

and eastern North Carolina.  We are proud members of the

 4th Regiment (1st NC Battalion) 1st Division, Army of

Northern Virginia.


Our impression is that of typical North Carolina infantry soldiers. 

 Our mission is to accurately portray quartermaster-issued

soldiers of the period 1862-1865 to the best of our abilities.

To accomplish this, we continuously scrutinize and upgrade

our uniforms, equipage, and style of camping and fighting.
To help with this mission, the 27th fosters creativity

and avoids complacency. 

This unit is committed to a style of reenacting wherein the physical

setting and living history scenarios combine to provide its members

 with aunique, safe, and accurate experience. Consequently, our

standards are high, and are based on sound research and



We welcome interested individuals into our hobby!  For our new

 recruits, we provide most of the uniforms and gear that you will

need, for one year.  Our unit events are listed on this web site, so if

you would like to meet or join us, you'll know where to find us. Also,

if you have looked over our web site, and want to be a part of Co. D,

27th NC Troops and its mission, then you are the type of person we

are looking for. By being a team player and taking advantage of

what the uniform committee has to offer, you can have one of the

best N.C. impressions on the field.  One should remember that the

goal of the 27th is to portray mid-19th century soldiers, not 20th

 century reenactors.

For more information, see our "Contact Us" page,
to contact our recruiter.  We will be happy to send you
our information packet.

Thanks for your interest in Co. D, 27th NC Troops!

Compiled by
Bryan Craddock