27th North Carolina    Company D

          "Tuckahoe Braves"

                                            Current Roster

Officers of ANV 4th Regiment

General Emeritus Donny Taylor

Jeff Gowen, Eng.

Officers of
Company D 27th NCT

CPT. Dean Harry, Cmdg

1st Lt. Bryan Craddock

NCO Cadre of
Company D 27th NCT

1st Sgt. Kendall Smith

2nd Sgt. Todd Kornegay

Cpl. Reid Hodges

Cpl. Andrew Turner

Cpl. Kenneth Smith

Rank and File:

Pvt. Anthony Allen    


Pvt. Charlie Beck            

Pvt. Jaron Benson


Pvt. Andrew Boldt


Pvt. James Britt


Pvt. John Britt


Pvt. Zachary Hodges

Pvt. Trent Howell


Pvt. Danny Jackson


Pvt. David Kimmons


Pvt. Robbie Lancaster


Pvt. Dan Mallard


Pvt. Dace McPherson




Rank and File: ( continued )

Pvt. Chase Rockwell

Pvt. Bruce Simmons

Pvt. Lane Smith


Pvt. Jonathan Stafford
Pvt. Jim Taylor


Pvt. Ben Thompson


Pvt. David Turner


Pvt. Jonathan Vaughan


Pvt. Rob Vernon


Pvt. Sam Ward


Pvt. Jacob Whitaker

Pvt. Harrison Wilkinson



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Ladies and Children:

Julia Howell

Crystal Kornegay

Jean Smith

Courtney Smith

Cindy Thompson

Jennifer Tripp

Guinevere Tripp

William Tripp