27th North Carolina    Company D

          "Tuckahoe Braves"

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                                        Events Calendar




                                                                 The following events were selected by

                                                                                the unit for 2017. 




     Date                                               Events                                        

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January                                            Open

February 25-26                                 Battle of Black River/Averasboro

March 10-12                                     155th New Bern


March 18-19                                     Bentonville "War So Terrible"

                                                       (Medical Living History Program)

April 8-9                                           Appomattox Court House

April 22-23                                       Fort Macon

May                                                 Open

June 3-4                                          "On To Richmond" (Endview Plantation,Newport News, VA)

July 15-16                                        Fort Macon

August 11-13                                   Gettysburg Living History

August 26                                        Bentonville Living History

September 9-10                               Bost Grist Mill

September 23-24                             Fort Macon

October 14-15                                 Goldsborough Bridge

November 4-5                                  Fort Branch

December 2                                     Bentonville Christmas Program and Annual Meeting

January 6 2018                                Battalion Meeting, Hillsborough, NC






                             Optional Events