27th North Carolina    Company D

          "Tuckahoe Braves"

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why do you re-enact the events of the War Between the States?

A. In this hobby, we all share a passion for the history of our country. Many re-enactors'
feelings are best summed up by the following quotation from historian Bruce
Catton: "We are people to whom the past is forever speaking. We listen to it
because we cannot help ourselves. For the past speaks with many voices. For out
of that nowhere which is the time before we were born, men who were flesh of our
flesh, bone of our bone, went through fire and storm to break a path to the
future. We are a part of the future they died for. We cannot cut ourselves from
it. It is a basic part of our heritage as Americans".

Q. Why do you portray Company D of the 27th North Carolina Troops?

A: The Wyse Fork Historical Society was founded in Kinston, North Carolina in July 1985, for
people interested in the War Between the States and the war in North Carolina in
particular. Since Companies "C" and "D" of the 27th were raised in the southern
portion of Lenoir County, this was the logical unit to represent. We are a
portion of the 4th Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia.

Q. Do I need to live in the Kinston area to be a member of the 27th NCT?

A: No. Although the original members of our organization were from the Kinston area, our
membership covers a good deal of North Carolina from Winston-Salem to New Bern.

Q. Is this a political organization?

A: Absolutely not. We are living historians who feel that much of our Southern heritage has been lost
or horribly distorted in the post-war years beginning with Reconstruction. We are not part of, nor

will ever be involved with, any racist organization or other hate group. We frown on the misuse of

our battle flag by such groups for their own selfish ends. We DO support the flying of the battle flag

as a remembrance of our gallant Southern heroes.

Q: What sort of events will I be taking part in as a member of the 27th?

A: We participate in battle re-enactments, living histories, period encampments, historical marker
dedications and Confederate memorial services. We also give informative talks for schools and

other interested groups.

Q: Do re-enactors do anything besides participating in battles, drilling and talking to the public?

A: Besides performing Civil War activities, we enjoy cookouts, family gatherings
and many other modern activities.

Q: Do I need to have ancestors who were in Confederate service?

A: We have no such rule, A sincere desire to honor the brave men of the North Carolina

Troops is the only requirement to "jine up."

Q: How much will I need to invest to get started?

A: As with most other hobbies, initial equipment purchases are necessary. The Company
does help with loaner equipment to some degree; but, you are expected to outfit
yourself to our standards by the end of the first year of re-enacting. Unlike many hobbies,

however, once you have made the initial purchases totaling about $1,000, the cost of

attending events is very low.

Q: Is there any type of safety training?

A: YES! All members, both new and established, must pass a weapons certification course

prior to participating in any firing senarios. A minimum age of 16 is required to handle a

musket. Side arms and "Bowie Knives" are not allowed at any time. At all events, certified

EMT's are present to render assistance.